My First Day And The Real Flower Company

By Natalie Woods - April 11, 2018

On my doorstep: The Real Flower Company. The Roses and Sweet peas in this bouquet are grown on flower farms in Petersfield and Chichester.

Seven years ago, my move to Rogate transported me from a crammed housing estate a few miles away to a little barn nestled on the edge of the South Downs.

I didn’t care that the house needed work we couldn’t yet afford - my dream of a calmer, more secluded life in the country had been realised and the morning after getting the keys; Dug and I tramped off to explore our new surroundings.

5 minutes later we found ourselves at that gates of Durleigh Marsh Farm. From there, we followed our noses… a faint perfume of roses was muddled in with a strong, sweet smell of summer berries from the farm.

We turned left and the rose fragrance grew stronger until we arrived at a little unit full of the prettiest peonies. The heady aroma was now completely intoxicating.
The prettiest, scent-filled Peonies from The Real Flower Company. They will be ready in late May.

Curious; I stood shyly at the entrance and asked the lady beavering away inside if she was making perfume?

She invited us in and told us how The Real Flower Company is a specialist florist who grow highly scented flowers on their nearby farms in Petersfield and Chichester and explained that the flowers smell so aromatic because the stems are picked just 2 days before customers receive them.
Any excuse to feature a pic of handsome Lord M.

This means that they are also eco friendly - the usual supply storage is two weeks in high-energy consuming freezers. I was officially in love with everything about them – the flowers and the company.

If this story sounds like a country fairytale; to me it really was. It was my very first day in Rogate and what a lovely way to start my adventure by being made so welcome.
These Sweet peas are grown in Chichester, West Sussex and harvested in April.

In May; I have been invited to photograph the Rose harvest season at The real Flower Company’s Petersfield Farm and I couldn’t be more excited. Expect romantic images of Roses and Peonies in the South Downs!

This concludes my first little story of ‘On My Doorstep’. Whenever I can – I try to buy local, even if it can only be a very special treat. These businesses are incredibly special and they set about changing the world in their own small ways.

which local businesses do you most admire for both their products and ethics. Give them a 'shout-out' on here!

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