My Style Evolution Part I - Bedroom

By Natalie Woods - April 12, 2018

My favourite bedroom style so far.

My style will always be vintage with a touch of Scandi modern for good measure. Over the years, pretty much all of the furniture and decorative items have remained but the look has changed.

I find it amazing how a style can evolve simply by swapping a few items around.

I’ve also had the benefit of a couple of home photo shoots where a professional stylist has re-styled some areas of my home for the shoot and I’ve ended up preferring it.

I love seeing how my interior can evolve through a fresh pair of eyes.

On that note, the stylists I’ve worked with spent time understanding me, what I like and don’t like before doing anything. They’ve also been hugely respectful and taken the time to talk me through it.

Below is how my bedroom style has evolved. I've only documented a couple of the evolutions as I've lost the images from further back.

I started out quite white, light and floral...
There were way less Lassi cups for a start!
The finishing touches were quite simple and light...
I did a little styling as the seasons changed...
Started adding some darker textures...
Ended up here!

I wish I had some more images to show - the good, the bad and the ugly! hopefully this gives a brief insight into how my interior has evolved. It's basically gone from a very light, English country/Scandi feel to having a more 'slubby' darker texture, which I prefer. That could, of course, all change again.

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