Film on a Farm

By Natalie Woods - June 03, 2018

As a teenager, my parents often preached to me the benefits of fresh, country air whilst they demanded that I ‘get outside and away from the TV’. 

Removal from the TV would then usually involve my sister and me ‘hanging out’ in a rural bus shelter, praying to the entertainment gods for something to do.

Well, now I can please everyone because I have discovered a fabulous compromise...
Last week, I was invited by Film On A Farm to watch Top Gun outside at The Goodwood Kennels. Intrigued, I went along with my Insta chum; Carrie from @carrie_thecottage to see what it was all about.
To give you an idea - imagine a much more rural version of Somerset House’s Film 4 event in an equally beautiful setting but with no queues, much more comfortable seats and attentive drinks waiters and you have the premise behind ‘Film on a Farm’.
I loved this event. It’s a really fun evening out (made more fun by guests who go the extra mile and dress up as characters from the film) and there’s a camaraderie in being outside together - everyone giggles in unison at the silly bits.

(I mean, Top Gun in the 80’s was epic. Top Gun now is very, very funny).

We watched the film in style - wrapped up in a deckchair, drinking champagne under a blanket of stars (a benefit of zero light pollution under rural skies). A perfect country evening rounded off nicely by warming my feet at Carrie’s inglenook fireplace before bed. 
More seriously, I didn’t just love the event - I love the ethos behind it because ideas like this provide longevity for rural farmers.
Film on a Farm is the brainchild of fourth generation farmer, Chris and his partner, Sarah, a fashion headhunter. Two of the nicest people who are passionate about both film and farming.

Add to that my opinion that Chris and Sarah are diversifying income from rural farmland in an age where farming is under more and more pressure. Film On A Farm not only gives the public access to enjoy open space but it supplements farming income. The more that happens, the more farmlands are protected for the future. 
You can attend Film on a Farm at locations across the UK - check out the website for ticket prices, dates and locations.
There’s another local screening the same day Nanny Pat is staying. Do you think; ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ is appropriate? My mum is so keen to go that she says ‘yes’. The rest of us aren’t so sure...

*All images belong to Film on a Farm.

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